Natural and Healthy Ways to Stimulate Weight Loss (With Water)

Natural and Healthy Ways to Stimulate Weight Loss (With Water)

Natural and Healthy Ways to Stimulate Weight Loss (With Water)

Act of Being men all know that the human body can’t survive very long without water. Hydration is one of the purest and healthiest modes of nourishing your body, and also a great tactic to cleaning up your skin and waistline. If you’re investing in luxury skincare for men, you should be sure to watch your liquid and food intake as well, to aid in your men’s beauty regimen. According to experts, you should be drinking at least eight glasses of water per day, and if you’re not doing that now, that’s definitely where you should start.

Drinking more water helps with a myriad of aspects of your health. Keeping hydrated will improve your energy levels, hair growth, weight loss, ability to focus, and can even do wonders for your immune system. Who wouldn’t want to help with all these things at once simply by drinking more water?

If you’re plateauing in your current diet or want a healthier way to lose weight and maintain it, water is the key. By adding natural metabolism accelerators to your water, and by keeping up with your hydration routine, you can also stimulate weight loss and ensure that the pounds stay where they should be-- away from you.

Detox in a Healthy Way

So, we’ve heard about the restrictive detox diets, one trick cleanses and the like, but one of the best ways to detox is also a relatively easy one-- by drinking more water. Be careful not to restrict yourself too much or have an unrealistic plan about how much hydration will contribute to weight loss.

Everything you do while dieting should be in moderation. You should remain respectful to your body above all. The most effective ways of losing weight are often not the fastest. Be patient, and you can develop a plan of action that will help you for longer than the three months leading up to a big event.

That said, there is such a thing as diets centered around “detox water.” You may have seen these in your local spa or salon: water that is infused with natural ingredients like certain fruits and herbs that will help to stimulate your metabolism and clean out your system with less of an invasion than a colonic or laxatives, which are often recommended in detox diets.

This tactic of cleaning out your system helps to rid the body of toxins but also allows for it to process what you ingest naturally. The more good things you put in, the more your body wants them. For example, when it comes to cravings, the less you actually eat french fries, the less you will want them. Feeding your body natural, healthy food and lots of water will teach it to want those things more than the toxins or empty calories.

Detox Water: The Ingredients

There are several recipes when it comes to making your own detox water. If you have a store of it at home regularly, you’ll get into the habit of having this natural weight loss concoction around and drinking it as often as necessary. Keeping a jug in your refrigerator will remind you how important it is to stay hydrated! And these recipes will help you with more than weight loss.

Some popular combinations are as follows:

1. The ultimate favorite: Cucumber and mint

Cucumber has very little caloric content and is excellent to combat dehydration, and mint is known for its ability to improve digestion. The combination is delicious!

2. The epitome of health and wellness: ginger and lemon

Ginger is like natural magic. It helps immensely when it comes to your immune system. It’s also a natural diuretic, meaning that drinking it with water is essential, so you don’t get dehydrated. Ginger also naturally stimulates weight loss.

Lemon and water are the essential weight loss and wellness combination. When detox water or the detoxing qualities of water and lemon were introduced to the mass weight loss market, you couldn’t go to lunch anywhere without seeing groups of women all with glasses of water and lemon. This combination isn’t only for flavor, though it is quite tasty. Lemon, when mixed with water, can keep your metabolism in check, and be a great substitute for a higher calorie beverage.

3. The light and herbal trick: grapefruit and rosemary

One of the most flavorful combinations, grapefruit, and rosemary, make a great pairing and addition to your drinking water. Grapefruit actually has a negative caloric content, making it one of the best foods for weight loss whether you’re eating it or using the juice of the fruit. It is also rich in vitamin C and boosts the immune system.

Rosemary, which can be found in your garden if you’re exceptionally lucky, is more important for your body and mind’s overall health than just for weight loss. Rosemary stimulates circulation, can relieve stress, boost memory and improve focus, as well as protects from bacterial infection. Adding rosemary to your diet will certainly help you as much as adding it to your water.

4. Super delicious and nutritious: strawberry and basil

Strawberries are technically a “superfood.” What this means is that it has qualities that are powerful and significant to your body’s health. Strawberries are also one of the best-tasting fruits around. Strawberries improve heart health, have cancer-preventing qualities, and even have more vitamin C than an orange. Adding strawberries to your water can seriously enhance several aspects of your health in addition to boosting weight loss (strawberries naturally curb your appetite).

Basil has its own magical medicinal qualities. Known for being an anti-inflammatory, basil has also been used to prevent bacteria and treat wounds. When you’re ingesting it, however, basil can help with indigestion, stomach cramps, and constipation.

To Detox or Not to Detox

Drinking more water can never be bad for you unless you’re not near enough to a bathroom. Trying combinations of these detox waters and deciphering which is best for you will not only help in your weight loss journey but can also be a blessing for your immune system and preventing other illnesses down the road. You’ve got nothing to lose but weight.