Bum Exercises You and Your Bae Can Do Together

Bum Exercises You and Your Bae Can Do Together

Bum Exercises You and Your Bae Can Do Together

Act of Being workout tips to keep your workout routine going. The best way to get you pumped, and to make sure that you go to the gym even when you’re feeling lazy, is to work out with a friend. To make things a little hotter, how about working out with bae? Keeping both of your bums in shape will get your adrenaline levels up, your libidos way up, and your bodies feeling powerful.

We’ve seen how bums have grown exponentially since thick has been in. (We’re still reeling over the fact that it hasn’t always been.) However, some bums seem to have had a little help from a doctor. You don’t have to drop a bunch of cash or have a scary surgical modification for a bigger, shapelier bum; you’ll just need to put some actual work in at the gym (or at home). And who’s going to appreciate that bum more than bae?

Reaching peak bum shape can be attained by some relatively simple exercises. Grab your bae, get some weights, and prepare to see and feel major results.

Squat With Bae

There are several variations on the squat, which is simply the best exercise for getting your booty in excellent shape. By working out with your partner, you can keep each other going after a few reps instead of giving up. The more you squat, the better your bum.

Squats don’t just improve your bum though; they also work to tone a few of the most important and strongest parts of the body: glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core. Add weights for a little more resistance, and make sure to spot your partner!

If you don’t know what a squat is, (the shame!) your basic form is standing with your feet about shoulder length apart, with your toes angled slightly outward. Tighten your core as you prepare to squat in this position, hips back. Slowly bend your knees as if you were going to sit down in a chair behind you. Drop as far as you can go, but don’t worry about going too far, you don’t want to strain your glutes. It will keep you out of commission for a while if you strain your muscle.

3-4 sets with 8-12 repetitions

Squats are the first leg of your journey to the best bum of your life.

Quadruped Hip Extension with Bae

This exercise may sound daunting, but don’t worry, it isn’t. Like squats, this exercise can be done with or without weights to add resistance. Make sure you have enough space for you and bae to spread out. This exercise is especially suitable for the glutes and offers some of the best optimizations than any activity.

Start on your hands and knees in a “tabletop” position. Make sure that your knees are under your hips and your palms under your shoulders. Use your core and shift your weight to the left, taking the weight off your right knee. Keeping your knee and ankle at 90 degrees, press your foot towards the ceiling using your right glute, extending your hip. When your hip is fully extended-- pause-- and then take your knee back down, but not all the way to the floor.

Without weight: 20-25 repetitions per set of 3

With weight: 8-12 repetitions per set of 3 (and choose a challenging weight)

5 Quick Booty Moves for You and Your Bae

If you don’t have access to weights or a gym pass, or only a have a small bit of time in your busy schedule-- even worse, if you and bae are long distance, there are some exercises you can do that take little effort to complete. So set up your mats or set up a Facetime for these quick but effective workouts.

    1. Reverse Lunge

Start similarly to a squat position, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Step backward with your left foot, landing on the ball and making sure to keep your heel off the ground. Bend your knees, so both legs create 90-degree angles. Your back knee should only hover above the ground, not touch it. Repeat as needed.

Lunges are an insanely good exercise for your glutes! Don’t skimp on them.

    1. Squat Jack

Firstly, stand with your feet together and your hands at your chest. Like a jumping jack, jump your feet out and sit back into a small squat. Jump your feet back together and repeat.

    1. Jump Squat

The jump squat combines a couple of the exercises already mapped out. Start as you would with a squat, with your feet shoulder length, bend your knees and sit your bum back, and jump as high as you can. Land on soft knees and repeat.

    1. Hip Bridge

A great exercise to know for your bum and your sex life is the hip bridge. Lying flat on your back on a mat, with your knees bent and your feet hip distance apart, lift your hips and core off the mat and bring back down.

For a sexy tip, keeping your hips elevated during private time with your bae will increase stimulation in more ways than one.

  1. Step Up with Knee Lift

If you have a small box or a step stool to use, this is the perfect exercise to get your glutes engaged.

First, stand in front of the step. Step on the step stool with your left foot and pull your whole weight upwards, drive your right knee up towards your chest. Take a step back with your right foot and follow with your left. Alternate and continue into the next rep.

Benefits for You and Your Bae

Exercise will keep your body, mind, and your bae happy and healthy. There aren’t only body benefits for your bum. Research shows that consistently working out can help your skin to rid itself of toxins through the sweat that is expelled during a workout. Skincare for men doesn’t have to only involve hair and skin products, a healthy workout routine can also be essential.

Forget vegging on the couch. You and your boo can start a whole new routine together that is sure to light the fire later.