Top 9 Beach Towns to Visit in the High-Season Months

Top 9 Beach Towns to Visit in the High-Season Months

Top 9 Beach Towns to Visit in the High-Season Months

It's not always about the destination, but the people you're with when it comes to an epic Act of Being vacation. What's a better vacation than one at the beach? With so many options of quaint beach towns both on the east and west coasts, we need a way to narrow the choice down to just a few. But then, why choose when there are beach towns that are perfect for vacations you take with many important people in your life, just not at the same time? The only thing better than one vacation is multiple vacations.

The beach town that's quintessential for a vacation with your mom might not be the best for a vacation with your partner. The same goes for a family vacay complete with all the luggage that entails heaviness. What's the best beach to visit when you need a weekend away with your girls? What if you want a beach location for your stag or hen party? Don't be overwhelmed. All of these questions will be answered in this definitive list.

The Best Beach Towns to Visit for Families

Cannon Beach

1.  Cannon Beach - Cannon Beach, OR

Known for its stunning views and ice-cold water, Cannon Beach is a beach you need to see (and likely have already seen in some of your favorite movies). It can be an excellent destination for the family, especially as many activities are great for children and adults alike.

For example, during the high season (in Oregon, the summers are beautiful and sunny enough to almost make up for the nine months of rain), it's warm enough to enjoy the beach, take pictures, and walk by the beach as you collect seashells and ocean glass. Because the water isn't meant to be swam in, you won't have to worry about the kids getting too far out into the ocean, and you can build the biggest sandcastle imaginable.

Cannon Beach is a great destination for nature lovers who want to experience natural beauty in all its beachy wonder, and aren't so into swimming. It's a great alternative to a crowded beach full of umbrellas. Also, everyone can get a picture with the rock that Cannon is famous for. It will be a family trip to remember, with views you won't forget.

Seaside Beach

2. Seaside Beach - Seaside, FL

Seaside Beach is known for its natural anomaly, the “outfall.” This is an occurrence that happens very rarely in the natural world, and can only be seen at a few locations around the world. The combination of strong waves and heavy rain allows for water to split the sand and drift back into the ocean, an effect kind of like the reverse of a geyser.

Besides the appeal of this natural phenomenon, there are also numerous reasons that Seaside has much to offer to your family beach trip. Seaside is a great place to bike or walk by the beach, especially if you're a fan of having a crew of tandem bikes. This is the time to embarrass anyone in your family that you'd like to embarrass.

Other than the beautiful landscape, there are also a ton of tourist attractions to enjoy in the city. Seaside offers a local farmers' market, a surplus of food and food trucks for the whole family to get stuffed off, and plenty of shops to buy Seaside souvenirs to remember the trip.

Ocean City Beach

3. Ocean City Beach - Ocean City, MD

Come for the boardwalk, stay for everything else. Ocean City Beach has a lot to offer for a family trip, with no shortage of activities. For those in your family who are active, there are plenty of opportunities to surf and swim. This beach has an especially family-friendly feel and will likely be a beach destination that your family will want to keep coming back to.

The boardwalk is the star of the show in Ocean City, with attractions like a full amusement park, as well as shops and restaurants. This vacation will be all about food and fun, so make sure to try it all. It's a vacation after all. This is the wholesome family vacation we all deserve!


The Best Beach Towns to Visit for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Montauk Beach

4. Montauk, NY

Who needs Vegas when you have the beach? We believe that destination weddings aren't the only events that can have a separate destination to celebrate. Destination bachelor and bachelorette parties have become more popular in recent years. Where's the better place to celebrate than the beach?

For a more relaxed approach to the last 'single' weekend of your friend's life, you don't have to necessarily rage. In fact, for those friend groups who are a little more chill, Montauk is a nice approach if you want to enjoy the scenery and really get close to your friends, instead of just drinking too much (though that's still allowed). If you're looking to get extra classy in this farewell to singledom, there's always the Hamptons.

Santa Monica Beach

5. Santa Monica, CA

For a more nightlife-heavy bachelor/bachelorette on the west coast, look no further than the famous beaches of Santa Monica. Not only are there blocks of bars and restaurants to eat as cheaply or as tastefully as you want, while drinking as fancy or excessively as you'd like, but there's also the pier, where you can brave the famous ferris wheel while you think about who among your friends will inevitably get married next.

 South Beach

6. South Beach - Miami, FL

What's a party without the famous South Beach to host it? Known for its chill, almost-island vibes, swanky houses, and even swankier parties, South Beach might be the best place to say goodbye to the single life. This is probably one of the most expensive destinations on the list but could be well worth it for a once in a lifetime adventure.

Besides all the bars and restaurants at your disposal, there are also fantastic shopping, pool parties, hotels, and photo opportunities that are perfect for Instagram.


The Best Beach Towns to Visit for Couples

Carmel by the Sea

7. Carmel-by-the-Sea - Carmel, CA

Carmel is one of the loveliest beach towns in California, not to mention in the country. With its sweeping views, quaint inns, and picturesque village, Carmel is easily a romantic beach getaway that will win you major points with your partner. This little gem will restore the romance every time.

Carmel offers great beach destination experiences, such as wine tasting, shopping, art experiences, live theater shows and much more. If you bring your honey here, you won’t run out of things to do!

Wailea Beach

8. Wailea Beach - Hawaii

It's challenging to find a more romantic beach spot than anywhere in Hawaii. Wailea is one of the best options in the sprawling islands of Hawaii. If you're willing to take the journey, Wailea can provide the luau, the food, the sunshine, and the warm, ocean water to give a significant boost to your love life.

If your partner is up for it, go for the endless opportunities to go snorkeling, canoeing, and even see the sea from up above in their flight tours. Wailea Beach is a great place to marry adventure and relaxation all in one.

Folly Beach

9. Folly Beach, Charleston, SC

Charleston is perfect for the history buffs who found themselves in love. Enjoy a historical tour of the city, its many bars and restaurants, and the sound of the waves as you fall asleep in the arms of your lover. Folly Beach has been playfully known as, “Edge of America” by the locals.

There is plenty of vast expansive beach shore to have a picnic, rent a beach chair and umbrella, pier fishing, jet ski and much more. The weather is arguably perfect in the summer and spring seasons- a great place to bring your partner!

There's certainly no shortage of quality beach towns in the great USA; however, the ones listed above have a special something about them. Plan your next family trip or bachelor party with these beaches in mind, and they will not disappoint!