How To Fight Beard Acne and Keep Bumps Away for Good

How To Fight Beard Acne and Keep Bumps Away for Good

How To Fight Beard Acne and Keep Bumps Away for Good

A tangible list to follow if you’re struggling with beard redness, acne, and irritation.

Some of our ACT OF BEING men with a less than desirable skin complexion might elect to choose to grow a beard to cover up a large portion of their face, most notably those portions where acne and breakouts are most known to show up, uninvited.

Unfortunately, growing a beard can come with its own dermatological issues as it can be a bit of a shock to the system as well as a sort of collection system for dust and debris. As the beard begins to grow, a man may notice or feel bumps underneath the skin that are the telltale signs of an acne breakout.

This is why some people get more breakouts once they start to grow a beard, their beard starts to give bacteria that live on the face a steady supply of nutrients they didn’t have access to before, and they begin colonizing at much more rapid pace than what a man is used to. Not only that, some bacteria that are responsible for acne don’t fare very well after being exposed to direct sunlight, now there’s a canopy of hair protecting those bacteria and keeping them thriving.

Ingrown hairs also contribute to some of the less desirable conditions skin can take on after beard growing has begun. An ingrown hair is a hair that’s wrapped back around during the growing process and starts to push back into the skin, causing discomfort as well as pushing debris deeper into the skin. Improper shaving technique is a common cause of ingrown hair.

All of this can be traced to hygiene or lack thereof. During the day the beard can collect and trap dirt, dust, and even bacteria and keep it very close to the face, meaning extra measures have to be taken if keeping your face as presentable as possible is to be achieved.

Using these simple steps, you can be sure to avoid breakouts and discomfort while growing out your facial hair:

Keep Your Beard Clean

If they aren’t paying rent, why are you keeping all of that pent-up bacteria in your beard by not correctly shampooing and conditioning your hair? Not only will your hair follicles be healthier leading to an overall better beard, but you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing your beard is clean and healthy. A gentle cleanser is ideal to clean the beard without stripping the oils in your face. Normal shampoo and soaps are too harsh on the skin underneath the beard and are to be avoided.

Keep Your Face Clean

Your beard actually doesn’t function as a protective barrier that means your skin is safe from the world, in fact, your skin care regimen should actually be increased instead of decreased once you start to grow a beard.

If your skin is always breaking out and subject to constant irritation, you risk ingrown hairs as well as the general deterioration of your overall facial health. This is why a daily facial cleanser should be your first line of defense. Be sure to use a gentle facial cleanser once upon waking and again before sleep to get the most positive effects and the least adverse effects possible.

We recommend the Act of Being Daily Face Wash a 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliator (importance listed below). This face wash is a deep pore cleanser and detoxifying for brightening and refreshing skin, prefect for daily use and pre-shave prep.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells and hard to remove dirt from your face, leaving room for new healthy skin cells to replace the dead ones while making sure their environment is best suited for that growth.

Exfoliation should be done by everyone regardless of beard status to help prevent acne, so it makes sense that it should be employed as part of a beard acne care regimen.

Your beard itself should also be exfoliated, as a thick beard is fantastic at keeping dust stuck deep within its crevices. A boar bristle brush applied gently against the grain of the beard removes unwanted materials from your beard, massages the underlying skin to resolve irritation, and finally, it helps to distribute the oils on your beard more evenly for a radiant and even looking shine.

Refine Your Diet

Diet is a significant contributor to acne production, with foods high in processed sugar being the most horrendous offenders. If you consume a lot of sugary drinks or processed foods in general, the net effect on the body is that more oil is produced than usual and this excess oil is a boon to acne.

Reducing your intake of processed foods and refined sugars is a good first step for a skin-healthy diet, but the addition of veggies, legumes, and whole grains as well as omega 3’s and 6’s will ensure you are providing your skin with all of the proper nutrition it needs to be happy and healthy.

Employ Proper Shaving Technique

If you aren’t shaving correctly, you risk opening up your pores to all sorts of rubbish as well as increasing your chances of ingrown hairs. If you’re noticing the areas around your beard line tend to be the worst offenders for beard acne, this step is of extreme importance in getting rid of the acne picket fence you’ve created.

Make sure to exfoliate the skin prior to shaving; this will remove dirt and promote skin smoothness allowing your razor to glide with less effort and force to get the same results. After you exfoliate, apply Act of Being Shave Cream and begin shaving, be sure to only shave with the grain and not against it. With the grain meaning that you shave in the same direction that your hair grows.

Shaving against the grain is likely to cut the hair below the follicle making the hair more likely to grow within the skin. When you shave against the grain you also increase your risk of cutting yourself, a cut by itself is unsightly and takes time to heal while also creating a brand-new entrance for dirt and bacteria to enter your face and take up residence.

Parting Words

Growing a beard is much like growing anything, whether it be potatoes or flowers, you need to put an effort in and carefully monitor the conditions you’re growing in. If you neglect your beard, you are sure to become a victim of beard acne. But if you follow these simple tips, you’ll find your beard and the skin underneath it looking as lustrous and healthy as possible.