6 Reasons Why Opting for Vodka Is Better For Your Health

6 Reasons Why Opting for Vodka Is Better For Your Health

6 Reasons Why Opting for Vodka Is Better For Your Health

Act of Being men aren't embarrassed about ordering a vodka cranberry; it could be better for your health than you think. That’s not to say that drinking vodka every day is necessarily healthy, but you could benefit from switching from beer or another type of booze to it’s clear, potato-made (or otherwise naturally concocted) cousin.

Vodka has been enjoyed and consumed by the masses since it was first distilled in Poland in the 16th century and brought to the vodka drinking haven of Eastern Europe-- Russia. Vodka was such a popular drink in Russia early on that its name was derived from the Russian word for water: voda. No wonder vodka has become synonymous with Russian drinking culture!

Vodka didn’t become popular in the U.S. however until after WWII. In the 1950’s, Americans started gulping down Moscow mules, and dry martinis like it were going out of style. Since then, not much has changed. You don’t have to be James Bond to look cool sipping your “shaken not stirred” martini at the end of the bar during Friday happy hour. You are that cool.

Although some drinkers might have an affinity for whiskey or gin, and beer is the chosen booze for many an occasion, vodka is the liquor bringing the most health benefits to the skin and body. Sure, it’s strong, but switching to vodka could be the best health move you make this year (besides eating healthy and exercising and all that good stuff).

In addition to the benefits to your aesthetic, vodka has magical qualities that no other liquor has. It’s long history in healing, disinfecting and revitalizing the body, skin, hair, and overall health speaks for itself. Before you order the daiquiri, think about a vodka soda. Your body is a temple, after all.

1. Drinking vodka means consuming fewer calories.

The least caloric of the assortment of alcohols on the market, vodka is made of 40% alcohol and 60% unflavored water. And that’s it. Because of the decrease in sugar as opposed to a drink heavy in starches like beer, vodka will also bring a slightly more manageable hangover the next day.

Supposedly, if you drink one or two vodka drinks a day, you won’t have much of a problem overcoming its breakdown in the body because there isn’t much to break down, as opposed to other liquors. That way, you can continue your routine as usual without worrying about being a headache-ridden, bloated, tired mess.

For years, you might have heard that vodka is the chosen drink of constant dieters, or those struggling or hoping to lose weight and maintain it. In the several ways vodka is distilled, sugars from the fruits and vegetables it is made with are eliminated, causing vodka to be produced with the least amount of calories necessary. In addition, vodka can help to lower your cholesterol.

Just remember: the type of mixer you use in your drink could reverse these health benefits. Combining vodka with a mixer that’s very high in sugar (yes, that means the cranberry juice cocktail) will give you just as bad a hangover, and will offset all the good you did drinking a liquor so low in calories. Moscow mules only contain ginger beer (ginger is one of the healthiest natural foods you can ingest) and lime with a little soda water. Opt for this if you are trying to maintain your waistline.

2. Vodka is literally medicine.

Vodka was originally produced as an antiseptic in the 8th century. Naturally, it disinfects wounds. If you’ve ever happened to see an old movie set in a time when there were a lack of western medicines or disinfectants at the ready, they usually use vodka in some form as an antiseptic for the wound and to wash the hands of the nurse or doctor. Don’t be scared that your drink can also disinfect wounds, just think of it as a two-in-one healer.

  • Vodka can help a multitude of ailments, though it can be a short-term fix. Here is just a short list of ways vodka can benefit your health:
  • You can heal a sore throat if you gargle vodka for 30 seconds.
  • Washing small cuts or bites with vodka will prevent bacterial infection.
  • You can disinfect surfaces with vodka if you run out of cleaning products.
  • You can dry out cold sores by dabbing them with a little vodka.
  • Soothe a toothache by gargling a little vodka.
  • Vodka can also apparently cure bad breath!

3. Vodka can be added to your skincare and haircare routine.

Looking for something that will help you to look ageless and prevent breakouts? It’s easy as finding it in your liquor cabinet! There’s a reason Russian women’s skin always seems to glow. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin-- too much vodka can dry out the skin and have the reverse effect you’re looking for.

To help cleanse and tighten pores, and to change up your usual skincare for men routine, combine equal parts water and vodka. With a cotton ball, apply the mixture to your face. This can deep clean your pores and prevent future breakouts. It can also be used as a toner before moisturizing or putting on makeup.

Vodka doesn’t just help the skin, but also stimulates hair growth and reduces natural dandruff production. It can be used in small doses in your shampoo to reduce frizz and pH levels. Who knew vodka could add shine to your hair and your skin? For men, vodka has also been known to prevent hair loss. Still unsure about vodka’s health benefits?

4. Vodka can reduce stress.

Having a drink is something we naturally gravitate to when stressed because it’s a tactic in increasing dopamine levels efficiently, (all those happy feelings in your brain) but perhaps there is another scientific reason that good ‘ol vodka can help you with this.

Red wine, previously believed to be the mother of all alcoholic healers, has been surpassed by vodka in its ability to reduce stress. Based on a study by the Journal of Psychopharmacology, vodka has significant capabilities in lowering levels of stress in the drinker, lower than that of red wine.

Vodka also has sleep-inducing qualities that can relax the body and the brain so you can prepare for a good night’s sleep. That rest could be the key to reducing stress while you’re awake.

5. Vodka can help those with arthritis and diabetes.

Vodka’s effects have been studied in accordance with aiding chronic ailments, and studies have shown that vodka can help!

When it comes to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, those who drank alcohol, experienced less painful effects in their daily lives. According to a study by rheumatologist James Maxwell, patients who drank 10 alcoholic beverages a month had 20-30% less pain and inflammation than those who didn’t. Vodka works exceptionally well because of it’s inflammatory reducing qualities.

Diabetes, another chronic ailment, can be aided by drinking small amounts of vodka. Because of the low amount of sugar in vodka, it can actually reduce blood sugar levels if sipped straight up. Although you don’t want to drown your system with booze, in moderation, it can help.

6. Vodka can reduce your risk of disease and the spread of fever.

Vodka not only can help the wounded and the sick relatively quickly but can prevent you from getting sicker. According to research, a small amount of vodka can have significant positive health effects when it comes to your heart and immune system.

Drinking vodka can protect against heart disease by helping the arteries dilate, in turn causing the blood to flow more freely through the body. This can prevent heart disease, as long as you don’t drink too much vodka and create a whole new host of problems that the body will have to inevitably fight.

In Russian folklore, there is a remedy for fever and headaches that involves some trusty 'voda'. Rubbing a little vodka on your temples can help to reduce fever and the pain from a headache. When used as a lotion or ointment, (try to mix a small amount into an already healing mixture) vodka can also help to reduce fever and the spread of it to the rest of the body. There’s a big reason the Russians swear by vodka.

If you’re still not convinced that vodka is the end-all-be-all of alcoholic healers, feel free to research all the ways vodka has been able to help drinkers in the long run with their weight, health, skin, and hair.

Though excessive drinking is never a good idea, it’s beneficial to know all the ways that your liquor cabinet can double as a first aid kit. Keeping a bottle of vodka around (even a small one) can help you in a health-related emergency, but it can also transform your beauty routine, force you to learn how to make a mean martini, and clean your entire house. All that for a very small price. If you’re looking for the secret to life: it’s vodka. Cheers!